February 2007


Time Magazine Covers Crisis Pregnancy Centers

timemagazineOne argument that I hear time and time again against pro-lifers is “Why don’t they quit this and actually do something to help women? Hypocrites.” These people seem to think that they are making an original, thoughtful point. However, their suggestions have already been in action for many years. In fact, pregnancy centers now outnumber abortion clinics (Times.)

So why have so many people not heard of these centers? One reason may be that the general public finds it difficult to justify the idea of a caring pro-lifer with the idea of pro-lifers as “anti-choice fanatics” which they receive from the news. (Interestingly, news of pro-abortion violence is rarely heard, although there have been a greater number of crimes.

However, for the first time, a major news source has decided to cover this “new” side of the pro-life movement. Time magazine wrote a cover article entitled “The Grassroots Abortion War”. The article explains the services that crisis pregnancy centers offer and gives an in-depth interview with Deborah Wood, the CEO of a North Carolina center, portraying her as compassionate and competent. While the article surprisingly describes the movement as “kind, calm, nonjudgmental”, it also gives voice to critics who state that the centers are not giving correct information. These claims should have been investigated by the Time, not simply quoted and unsubstantiated. Despite these shortcomings, this article is certainly a revolutionary look for the American public.