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Few Painting Tips: How to prevent and repair roller marks after drying

There is no shortage of devices that are supposed to help DIYers in their painting projects. And despite their abundance, the tried and true roller is still the most popular method of applying paint to surfaces. But have you ever noticed that after the paint dries, you can see the marks of the rollers? If you are looking for solutions to this problem, you’ve come to the right place.

The most important questions from homeowners about painting marks
The design goes great and you cover a large surface with the chosen paint, but suddenly you notice streaks on the wall. Call it a lap mark, band or roll mark, the result is still the same – it doesn’t look good. Let’s see how it happens.

Why do I see roller marks after painting?

Have you bought bargain basement paint? Sometimes this can be a problem, but you can also experience a lot of roller marks if you use cheap, poorly made rollers. More often than not, roller marks appear when you do not load the roller with enough paint or you have run out of paint in the roller and try to cover more space than you should. Finally, applying the wrong pressure may cause the paint to push around the edge of the roller, creating a streak.

Will the streaks disappear when the paint dries?

If you see streaks on the paint while it’s still wet, it’s likely that they will appear when it dries. Unfortunately, you’ll have more work ahead of you to get rid of them.
Will the second coat covers the roller marks?
Some painters wait for the paint to dry completely before repairing the roller marks. The second (or third) layer of paint in the ‘ups’ areas will even out the marks and leave a flat, even finish.

How to get rid of roller marks during painting?

Another option in areas where the roller mark is raised is to knock it down with sandpaper after the paint has dried completely. Then wipe the areas where you sanded and add another coat of paint.
It is said that roller marks are just part of the process that you need to deal with when undertaking a DIY painting project. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy fix.

Which causes traces of rollers during a painting

Give it a rest, you’re not a professional painter, better hire one from, 6425 Youree Dr #155, Shreveport, LA, 71105, (318) 771-7564 and mistakes can happen. Do you notice marks in areas where you ran out of paint on a roller, but did you paint anyway? Or maybe you see them in areas where you just loaded the roller and exerted uneven pressure?

These are the two most common reasons for roller marks, so just pay attention to how much paint you apply to the roller and the pressure you apply when painting.

How to remove roller marks without painting

Painting the walls of the family with a roller. The color of the paint is light blue
If you have run out of paint or simply do not want to tear off the rollers and apply another layer on the tracks on your knees, take a piece of fine sandpaper and a wet sponge. When the paint is completely dry, run the sandpaper over the marks, being careful not to remove too much paint – you are trying to level it. Grab a wet sponge and wipe the areas where you worked to clean the surface.

You can do this as many times as needed to delete characters.

How to fix paint streaks on the walls

Sometimes the roller marks will not be visible unless ou see the walls in a different light. So you might think that everything is going great until you open the curtain, daylight comes into the room and suddenly streaks appear. Don’t worry, you can cross these areas with another coat of paint or use sandpaper to even the edges.

How to get rid of traces of rollers on the ceiling

The ceiling can be a problem for DIYers. Gravity can do some tricks on you, especially if you cut the shaft. Fortunately, as with walls, you can get rid of traces of rollers on the ceiling by applying another layer of paint or using fine sandpaper to turn the ridges.
5 tips for beginners: how to get rid of traces of paint rollers and prevent them
If you have just noticed that you have traces of rollers on the wall and are stressed, be sure that you have come to the right place to solve the problem.


Reasons Why People Want Psychic Readings

Nowadays, people wish to predict if there is a great future that awaits them. Their objective of going to a psychic or fortune teller is to have an idea if they will prosper, well-known, satisfied and also pleased. To put it simply, they are expecting to get favorable responses about their dreams as well as desires. Not only checking out the lot of money is what an outstanding fortune teller does. They can offer insights concerning the means of looking or thinking about something about the life of people.

Individuals frequently look for a psychic to ask if they can figure out what will occur in their lives. They will certainly request for aid on the best course to require to get over tight spots or issues. Besides that, they intend to get a clearer view of what will occur on their environments and also individuals around them and also what are signs to be anticipated.
Psychic analysis is in the kind of astrology (forecasts which is essentially observed according to the alignment of stars, worlds as well as the sunlight) and aura reading (requires the evaluation and monitoring of feeling). Playing cards checking out (entails making use of a cards), cleromancy (with making use of little objects it reads by common proximity, alignment as well as setting) as well as distant analyses (can be done without even meeting the reader).

People need to quit something to get something. They ought to discover just how to pick sensibly and also prioritize those essential points in present life. They must give up those points that are not required. A person suches as anticipating done by people that are expert in this area to know details about them in advance. They are using it to know what to do if in case those things truly take place to them.
Individuals get a fortune informing when they intend to consider options, or they can pick up that deserved to know where their future lies. They wished to consult concerning the job, love and also individual points. Individuals assume that it may be an overview to their questions they wanted to be addressed. To illustrate it further, examples are given like in a holiday area could appear trivial this possible future result or outcome can really be moderately much reaching.

After being provided the advice concerning the destination a person reunite with their future partner. Individuals know this kind of thing that is taking place, and they seek psychic reading – like those in Rancho Penasquitos. They use predicting to assist them in their difficulties. They want a basic life that contains happiness.
Everyone desires satisfaction. As a result of this, they are provided the concept to change what is required to be adjustment in order to accomplish their goals. Their ideas and dreams are really essential and that’s why they wish to know more about it. Other than that, they are determined to know their futures due to the fact that they think that one day, they will become successful and affluent male.

Its negative aspect is that if the prediction is in fact true there is no thriller due to the fact that they knew it already and besides they don’t recognize what to do if it occurs in the real world. If you recognize what will certainly happen already, there is no fun and excitement as well as if ever it is not true the persons that make them checked out by one more individual will certainly live in lies.
Some individuals obtain psychic readings since for enjoyable. Due to the fact that they’re bored. Because they have nothing else much better to do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! If you want to find out more what they can tell you try psychics at Reading-Solutions.

Home Tips

How to prepare to move out of state?

Relocating to one more state of the nation requires cautious preparation as well as meticulous planning to make sure that your out of state action can be crowned with the type of success you would certainly love to attain. If you want points to go efficiently from begin to end, you can’t just plan the entire action randomly as well as act it out by improvisating the preparation actions as Moving day attracts nearer and also nearer. Really, you can do it, but after that you run the risk of encountering the effects of a chaotic, stressful and extremely expensive move to an additional state.

Desire that the easiest means to move out of state is to follow very sensible and successive actions which will certainly get you 100% ready for the approaching interstate moving. And then, when you know that you are well prepared for the big day, you will have the ability to minimize significantly the dangerous degrees of moving stress and anxiety during that special transitional duration.

So, ways to prepare to move out of state? Pay attention to the complying with moving out of state pointers set up in 7 preparation actions to vacate state and be as ready for your far away moving as ever before.

1. Prepare a relocating schedule
It’s not a coincidence that our vacating state list starts with the first as well as arguably the most important preparation task in advance of you– the production of a relocation calendar. Think about that calendar as a detailed out of state to-do list because that’s precisely just what it is.

Just how you organize your pre-move time is crucial for the outcome of your moving trip, so take advantage of it. Fill out your individual schedule with all important tasks you can consider, then ensure you individualize them based on your requirements as well as prioritize them inning accordance with what does it cost? days you have up until Moving day.

How to prepare to move out of state

2. Create a relocating budget
Can you think just what the very first page of your moving schedule states? That’s right– develop a moving budget. Having a sensible vacating state spending plan at your disposal will enable you to keep track of just how your loan is being invested throughout the various stages of your interstate action.

In many cases, the out of state moving business costs will certainly be your most significant cost, yet you shouldn’t neglect to consist of all the non-obvious or even hidden costs when moving to one more state, such as additional services (packing, unpacking, disassembly as well as reassembly of big furnishings, temporary storage, etc.) and also added fees and also fees (flight charge, long bring charge, added quits cost, cost for handling of cumbersome products, and so on).

3. Locate a reliable out of state moving business
Exactly what is the most effective means to vacate state? Practice shows that trying a far away DIY step will rarely wind up being affordable due to the higher distance as well as the countless covert expenses of self-moves. Consequently, your finest possibility of discovering the least expensive way to vacate state is to find respectable moving business that relocate you from one state to another

Initiate the look for the most effective from state moving business by asking friends or colleagues if they could advise you a trustworthy as well as cost effective state to state moving company. Next, spend some time reviewing genuine relocating reviews and also rankings left by clients to obtain a far better suggestion of exactly what to anticipate from your specialist partner. And afterwards, before you contact top ranked one state to another movers for at home price estimates, check their licensing details at the United States Division of Transportation.

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4. Inventory your house for vacating state.
Among one of the most crucial points to understand when you move out of state is that the distance to your brand-new residence as well as the weight of your household items will figure out the cost of your from state moving. And also having no control whatsoever over the range as a specifying aspect, just what you could in fact do to decrease your moving cost is to decrease the variety of your ownerships to a minimum.

Inventory your entire the home of figure out the here and now status and quantity of your earthly belongings. Moving specialists are consentaneous that if you haven’t used an item in over a year, after that you could conveniently do without it. Save hard generated income by relocating just exactly what you will certainly require and utilize in the near future.

5. Begin packing properly
While preparing to move out of state, you shouldn’t ignore one of the most arduous as well as taxing task throughout a residence move. Yes, loading for an interstate action is never to be taken too lightly yet before you could even begin positioning your belongings in boxes, you will definitely have to acquire quality packaging products for the marathon in advance of you.

Launch the packaging task as early as possible;
Pack up your storage locations first as well as transfer to the rooms you make use of every day;
Pack and safeguard your huge and heavy household items first and then move on to boxing your smaller things;
Make certain you pack a vacating state survival kit for enduring the last days in your old residence or the initial ones in your new state house;
Pack your belongings independently and also don’t even think of leaving them to your from state moving firm.
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6. Change address and cancel subscriptions
Our moving out of state checklist proceeds with a series of pre-move jobs that will certainly assure the smooth transition in between your 2 homes. While intending to vacate state, make a mental note that your address will be different the moment Relocating day mores than, so be pro-active and alter it officially in advance.

Going down to your regional postal workplace to complete a modification of address kind or do it online to conserve priceless time. As a consequence, your address change will certainly trigger 2 various other prompt tasks you must likewise take care of:

Provide your new postal address to buddy and also crucial organisations as well as institutions;
Terminate your current memberships and paid solutions, and also think about transferring them to your new state home if applicable.
7. Disconnect and also reconnect residence utilities
Clearly, you will not be short of points to do prior to you vacate state during the preparation phase. While some not-so-urgent jobs could wait up until you reach your brand-new house or house/ finding a healthcare service provider, registering your car, securing your brand-new residence, and so on/, others such as disconnecting the major utilities in your old home as well as re-connecting them in your new residence need to be done at all prices, preferably a couple of days prior to Relocating day.

Get in touch with your principal local company/ power, power, gas/ and schedule their timely interference and also as a result their reconnection to make sure that you don’t get here in your brand-new out of state residence and also find it at night.


Current Republicans Too Radical, Newsweek Says

Apparently frightened by the current wave of conservatism in opposition to Obama’s policies, news organizations have chosen to frame the conservative movement as “radical.”  After all, when you are unable to respond to the issues, the second best thing is getting out of discussions by saying that your opponents just aren’t worth arguing with.

Newsweek is on the forefront of such wusses and has released a web article entitled “Even Reagan wasn’t a Reagan Republican.” The point, of course, is to show that the previous republican presidents just wouldn’t cut it in today’s conservative Republican party.


I find it hilarious that Newsweek is trying to reprimand Republicans for not being like Nixon. I mean, why would I want to disagree with the guy who said that “we were all Keynesians now?” </sarcasm> Or how about Ford? I think we can all say he was an idiot when appointing Stevens to the court.

And then we come to Reagan (and Bush). Looks like they’re stretching a few points here to make it fit with their story. For instance, could it be that deficit spending was caused by fighting a war? No mention of it. And look at his domestic policies – wilderness protection, nominating O’Connor, etc. avis sur eco slim.

First, all of these are easy to cherrypick. After 2 terms of Reagan’s presidency, you would think that Newsweek wouldn’t have to use any of his actions as governor of CA. After all, if he’s really not that conservative, there should be oodles of anti-conservative stuff.

Coolest Home Security Features We Can Expect to See In 2019

Secondly, how does Newsweek know that wilderness protection or whatever is frowned upon by Republicans? I would agree with several of the things mentioned, or would at least like to see debate on the issue.

Thirdly, a lot of these things are things that conservatives disliked even then, and given the consequences of those actions (like having O’Connor, Souter, Stevens, etc on the court) Republicans should learn from their mistakes.

All in all, I think it’s quite good that we don’t choose to follow in lock-step with everything that has been done in the past. You keep the good decisions, throw out the bad ones. And all of our presidents, democrats and republicans, have made bad decisions. Republicans just make fewer.


Pro-aborts Call for More Abortion Jokes

In a recent article on the pro-abortion website RH Reality Check, staff writer Sarah Seltzer bemoaned that fact that abortion not a popular punchline.  “The lack of abortion jokes creates this hyped-up atmosphere of tragedy and controversy around something that is quite common and needs to be discussed more,” she said.

abortion-debateThe catalyst for this comment is an unreleased episode of Family Guy, in which abortion is the target for the show’s infamously edgy and irreverent jokes.  Seltzer identifies the lack of abortion jokes as “a damning silence” and quotes another blogger who calls it “a textbook example of how systemic sexism works.”

For all her concern about sexism, Seltzer shows a complete lack of sensitivity towards women who have had abortions and a failure to recognize that abortion is simply not funny for the majority of Americans.  (Ironically, when a pro-lifer tries to show a medically accurate and scientific depiction of what occurs during abortion, they’re soundly condemned by self-appointed spokespeople for women for their insensitivity.)

Facing the infestation of bed bugs in Appleton

Seltzer continues by complaining of otherwise “edgy, sexually hip shows” that take “the typical TV copout route of a miscarriage or a pregnancy carried to term.”

“TV has created this bizarro world,” she says, “where a choice that most American women would consider strongly after an unintended pregnancy is all but erased.”

Seltzer is right when she points out that abortions occur all too often. After all, according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, at current rates more than one-third of women (35%) will have had an abortion by age 45.

But why is abortion rarely portrayed on television?  Judging by the content of current TV shows, it’s hardly because of puritan censorship. Instead, most people realize that abortion is not just a medical procedure. It’s the taking of a human life, and that is what makes it off the table for discussion.

But let’s have an open conversation on abortion – not filled with jokes and flippant remarks, as Sarah Seltzer advocates, but a nation-wide discussion of the brutal procedure itself and the pain that it leaves behind. Otherwise, we are indeed contributing to “a damning silence.”

For more information checkout the wordpress blog.


Dentist in Apollo Beach

My short pain-story about my vacation at Apollo Beach – dentists there are located in easy to find locations. Fortunately, when I needed a dentist, I had no problem finding one. I knew going to the dentist, I would get the highest quality dental care possible. The waiting room was nice and the staff was friendly and efficient.

apollo beach dentistWhen facing my dental emergency I wanted to get to the dentist fast in they were right there when I needed them. Since I was in a lot of pain and was apprehensive about getting my teeth done.
The dentist was very understanding and skilled. Since cosmetic dentistry, veneers, bondings and crowns are routine for these dentist handling my dental problems was easy. A consultation and an x-ray and I was on my way to a healthier more attractive smile.

I realized I could get all of my dental need taken care of in the Apollo Beach office, fillings, cleanings and tooth whitening. The dentist explained how important it is to the overall body to take care of the teeth. I did not realize the range of illnesses the teeth could affect diabetes, heart disease and other physical problems. These are serious problems that are exasperated by poor dental health.

Not only did I need tooth repair I suffered from misaligned teeth. The orthodontist services provided by the dentist in Apollo Beach were able to use invisalign to help my teeth. A nice smile helps the confidence and the health. I am glad I took the time to get my teeth repaired. The dental professionals also provide services for pediatric patients and install implants. Regular dental appointments would have prevented many of my problems. Many people I talked to practiced preventative care.

Like many, I was not alone in my fear of dentist but the office was skilled at sedation dentistry too so I had nothing to worry about. Every one of my complaints was covered. By qualified professionals, I could put my trust in. Going to the dentist for me was not easy. It was important for me to do my research and reports from former patients show the dentist in Apollo Beach
come highly recommended. The dentist listened carefully to my concerns about the procedures and there was a payment plan to fit my budget. I avoided the dentist afraid of the cost but my, I realized my reluctance was unfounded, and I was glad I took care of my dental health.


Hoodia Weight Loss Supplements

Everyone strives to be healthy and one of the ways in which people strive to achieve this is through weight loss. Being overweight or obese has many health problem attributed to it, including heart disease as well as high blood pressure. On both sides of the Atlantic obesity is becoming a huge problem as the number of people overweight climbs ever higher. This not only causes death and distress, but also adds to the burden placed on this country’s National Health Service, where many of the resources are taken up with treating those who are suffering from ailments caused by obesity.

supplements weight

There are various ways to lose weight, the most common and well known of which is through exercise and dieting. However there are also a variety of other methods including drug and surgical options. As well as these there are also various aids and supplements that people can take to help in the way that they lose weight via varying means. Such supplements can take the form of Hoodia Weight Loss Supplements, found from the South African desert plant Hoodia gordonii, found out in the Kalahari, where bushmen have been reaping its benefits it for many years.

How to Eat? Without any diets

This plant is thought to contain the secret of weight loss and could make up the future of losing weight. A molecule inside the plant, known as P57, has been found to halt someone’s appetite by sending a message to the brain telling it that you have eaten enough and that you are full, even if you are not. As a result someone might eat less than they would normally, helping the person to lose weight.

The company Phystophar (a British pharmaceutical company) which is heading the research into the plant has published its results for the world to see, leading to people the world over becoming aware of its properties and potential benefits. They studied the eating habits of volunteers, including their daily calorie intake. Their findings showed that those who had taken the Hoodia supplement took in far less per day than those who did not. If you know Polish, there’s a a ton of knowledge about weight loss products and fitness in general. You should check this video about african mango.

There is still a long way to go before Hoodia is ready to go. The plant itself is going to prove tricky in providing its benefits, being a plant that grows in specific conditions over a long period of time. There are also side effects to look into, meaning that anyone who wants to take the pills would have to take these into account. However, soon Hoodia Weight Loss Supplements could change lives.


Time Magazine Covers Crisis Pregnancy Centers

timemagazineOne argument that I hear time and time again against pro-lifers is “Why don’t they quit this and actually do something to help women? Hypocrites.” These people seem to think that they are making an original, thoughtful point. However, their suggestions have already been in action for many years. In fact, pregnancy centers now outnumber abortion clinics (Times.)

So why have so many people not heard of these centers? One reason may be that the general public finds it difficult to justify the idea of a caring pro-lifer with the idea of pro-lifers as “anti-choice fanatics” which they receive from the news. (Interestingly, news of pro-abortion violence is rarely heard, although there have been a greater number of crimes.

However, for the first time, a major news source has decided to cover this “new” side of the pro-life movement. Time magazine wrote a cover article entitled “The Grassroots Abortion War”. The article explains the services that crisis pregnancy centers offer and gives an in-depth interview with Deborah Wood, the CEO of a North Carolina center, portraying her as compassionate and competent. While the article surprisingly describes the movement as “kind, calm, nonjudgmental”, it also gives voice to critics who state that the centers are not giving correct information. These claims should have been investigated by the Time, not simply quoted and unsubstantiated. Despite these shortcomings, this article is certainly a revolutionary look for the American public.


Criticism Of Our President(s)?

“Our President has lied to us.” “He has falsely led us into this war.” “He has abused our civil rights.” “He has exceeded his Presidential powers.” “Americans are dying because of this war that should have never been fought.”

You might have thought that I was talking about our current president, but actually, I was referring to criticism about the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Now considered one of our greatest presidents, Lincoln was bombarded with criticism from the press, from the Democrats, and even from within his own Republican party. Because the presidential criticism is very similar today, it is valuable to examine how the public opinion of President Lincoln has changed.

One of the main complaints against Lincoln was that he had dishonestly led the United States into the Civil War. In fact, a Democratic rhymester wrote:

“Honest old Abe, when the war first began,
Denied abolition was part of his plan;
Honest old Abe has since made a decree,
The war must go on till the slaves are all free.
As both can’t be honest, will some one tell how,
If honest Abe then, he is honest Abe now?”

At first, Lincoln rebuffed all claims that the war was against slavery and maintained that the Civil War was solely to save the Union. He stated in 1862, “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves, I would do it; and if I could do it by freeing some and leaving the others alone, I would also do that.” Then, after his Emancipation Proclamation, which declared all Confederate slaves free, many slavery-supporting Northerners began rejecting Lincoln.

Similarly, Bush has been the object of criticism saying that he lied about the reasons for going into Iraq. Senator Ted Kennedy, who has been re-elected by Democratic constituents since 1962, called the decision to invade “dishonest” and stated, “The Bush administration misrepresented and distorted the intelligence to justify a war that America should never have fought.” Soon to be Majority Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid stated, “We all know the vice president’s office was the nerve center of an operation designed to sell the war and discredit those who challenged it.” (Hardball with Chris Matthews’ for November 3) Some today go as far as to say that Bush is seeking revenge for his father, George H. W. Bush. Others say that it is a war for oil or a means to get the company Haliburton rich. Also, like Lincoln, Bush has been accused of changing his reasons for invading Iraq. Critics state that the initial reason was Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, and now, it is liberating the Iraqi people. They fail to see that by overthrowing Saddam, the Iraqi people are freed, just like Lincoln’s critics failed to see that in order to reunite the Union, slavery must be abolished.

The second complaint against Lincoln was that he was overstepping his role as President and violating our civil rights. During the Civil War, Lincoln often took matters into his own hands, such as when he proclaimed a blockade against the South, arbitrarily increased the size of the Federal army, and advanced $2 million to three private citizens for military purposes, all without the approval of Congress. Moreover, he suspended the writ of habeas corpus during the Civil War, defying a ruling by the chief justice of the Supreme Court (Merryman, ex parte). The criticism was so strong that “His enemies termed him a dictator and a tyrant.” (Encyclopedia Americana).

Likewise, critics of Bush claim that he has violated our rights through the warrantless wiretapping of terrorist suspects. For example, political magazine CounterPunch refers to our nation as being in “the national security state that kills people abroad while destroying our rights here at home.”

Generally, Lincoln was criticized greatly during the Civil War. “He was beset not only by the difficulties of the war, but by opposition from men on his own side. His cabinet was rent by internal jealousies and hatred; radical abolitionists condemned him as too mild; conservatives were gloomy over the prospects of success in the war.” (The Columbia Encyclopedia) “Throughout the war Lincoln was the subject of frequent, and often vitriolic, attacks, both from the Democrats who thought he was proceeding too drastically against slavery and from the Radicals in his own party—men like Charles Sumner, Benjamin F. Wade, and Zachariah Chandler—who considered him slow and ineffective. Partisan newspapers abused the President as “a slangwhanging stump speaker,” a “half-witted usurper,” a “mole-eyed” monster with “soul … of leather,””the present turtle at the head of the government.” Men of his own party openly charged that he was “unfit,” a “political coward,” a “dictator,””timid and ignorant,””shattered, dazed, utterly foolish.”” (Encyclopedia Americana). In fact, even Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was branded as “ludicrous” by the London Times and by Democratic editors as “dishwatery” and “silly”. The now famous speech attracted little attention at the time.

AxisoffeebleSimilarly, Bush has been labeled as stupid and tyrannical, and his historical speeches, such as the infamous “Axis of Evil” speech, have to my knowledge only been ridiculed by the mainstream press.

However, the tide began to turn in Lincoln’s favor in his 1864 campaign for reelection. In order to take power away from the anti-war Democrats, the Republican Party banded with the Democrats that supported the war to form the Union Party. In fact, Lincoln’s own running mate was a War Democrat. Also, soon before the election, the North had a series of victories. With that and the votes of the Union soldiers, Lincoln won the presidency for a second time. Almost a year later, Lee surrendered and the Civil War was over, to the great relief of the people. Lincoln died at the very pinnacle of his fame, only five days after the end of the bloodiest war in American history.

Thus, the criticism against Lincoln is very similar to that against President George W. Bush. The allegations against him, like Lincoln, include lying about the purpose of the war, being incompetent, overstepping presidential powers, and violating civil rights. However, somehow Lincoln was able to regain his popularity and more. The reason, of course, was because he managed to win the Civil War. Likewise, I believe that Bush, too, will be seen as one of our greatest presidents if he can only establish a peaceful Iraq in the Middle East. This is not to compare Iraq to the Civil War, but only to compare the similar criticism. Therefore, Republicans and the rest of Americans should not give up on Bush. Now, some might try to argue that Bush will never achieve greatness like Lincoln because he is too stupid, too wrong, too whatever. Nevertheless, they forget that these were exactly what were said about Lincoln too. Thus, if history does indeed repeat itself, then the critics will be wrong once more.

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