How long does a kitchen renovation take?

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. And if it is combined with a dining room, the kitchen and dining room can be the center of everyday life. So if you are planning a kitchen renovation, you will have to prepare for some disruptions in your normal life. Here we answer the question: “How long does a kitchen renovation take?” and provide a detailed schedule for kitchen renovation.

Forget about troubles

You will need to prepare new cooking appliances, move some large appliances, and find a place to store all the food and everything else that normally lives in the kitchen. This makes “How long will it take?” a big factor in selecting a company to carry out a renovation.

At Houseace, we strive to make the renovation of your kitchen as quick and hassle-free as possible. So when choosing a supplier, ask the right questions and make sure you take all factors into account.

A small renovation or a complete renovation?

Don’t be fooled by TV shows that transform the kitchen into one episode. Normal life is not like that. Realistically, with experienced crews like ours, we’re talking about four to eight weeks depending on the extent of the overhaul.

Just installing new units and countertops from the DIY store is simple and quick. But if you are considering custom-built units, repositioning some of the main built-in units, and a new floor and lighting, it will take longer.

All the skills you need

Also, consider who will do the work. Some small businesses claim that one person can do it all. That’s a lot of skill for one person! Others may hire subcontractors to perform specialized work, such as plumbing, electrics, cabinet making, flooring, and tiles. That’s fine, but if some specialists can’t show up on the days they want, the schedule will slip.

At Houseaka, we have all the skills of our crew, so we coordinate everything for you. You have one point of contact and one number you can call if you have any questions. Our experienced crews usually take around 6 weeks, but of course, this depends on the scope and size of the project. Here is a more detailed kitchen renovation schedule.

Kitchen renovation schedule

Clean old kitchen (2 days)

This is the messiest stage. The cabinets come out, the floor is removed, the tiles fall off, and all fixed appliances are removed. If necessary, the sink should be removed and the water and sewage pipes sealed. The crew checks for structural damage to the walls or floor and makes sure the gas and electricity supplies are securely secured.

Making good (2 days)

The crew is pre-cleaning and doing any repairs – filling holes in the wall, repairing any damage to the floor, or removing any wiring or pipes that are to be replaced.

Cabinet production (10 days)

This is done in a specialized workshop and the work is planned so that the cabinets are ready for assembly after all other work is completed.

Plumbing (2 days)

The plumber makes all the necessary changes to the water supply and sewage to the sink and dishwasher.

Electrical work (2 days)

An electrician runs cables in the right places for any new lighting, worktop power points, and fixed power points to main appliances. If the devices are in new locations, an electrician will have to cut and repair new channels in the walls, connect and test new wiring to existing circuits, and update the safety switch.

Plastering (2-4 days plus drying time before painting)

Plasters repair any damaged surfaces around old tiles or electrical sockets. In some cases, they may install a “drywall” to hide pipes or other surface features. Then they apply the first layer, let the plaster dry, and finally putty.

Painting (2-3 days)

Painters apply the first watery layer to the new plaster after it has dried, which may take several days. It ends with one or two layers of the selected color.

Tiling (2-3 days)

In the kitchen, tiling is likely minimal – chipping behind the sink and a protective layer of tiles or a heat-resistant panel behind the stove.

Floors (1-2 days)

The floor can be placed before or after installing cabinets and fixed appliances. A vinyl floor only takes a few hours, but a stone, tiled, or wood floor will take longer, especially if you need to cut complex shapes around cabinets or island units.

Installation (4-5 days)

The crew can now fit cabinets and countertops and install fixed appliances. An electrician connects and tests appliances, power points, and lighting, while a plumber connects a sink, dishwasher, and all gas appliances. The painter may need to repair any areas damaged during assembly.

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