Killing Bed Bugs – 4 Effective Tips

You wake up in the morning covered with small red bites. After a later inspection, you realize that these are bed bug bites. Don’t start to panic yet.

Bed bugs are difficult and annoying to get rid of, but it is not impossible. You just have to know all the little tricks of how to kill bedbugs. One good thing is that heat can kill them.
The problem with using heat is that it can be dangerous. Although most home heaters don’t reach temperatures high enough to kill bedbugs, you should never raise your home temperature to inhuman temperatures.

It is important to know how to prevent bedbug infestations. If you’re dealing with bed bugs, there are a few simple things you can do to improve your situation. Read on to find out what they are. Remember that seeking professional help is the safest and most effective way to eliminate bed bugs with

  1. Reduce the number of hiding places to which bedbugs have access
    Bedbugs mean that they love to mess. The more things you have around the house, the more hiding places have access. Reduce these hiding places by carrying out deep spring cleaning at home at least once a year. Getting rid of unnecessary items, thorough vacuuming and vacuuming, and lifting things off the floor.
    They also tend to hide in mattresses, because there a night meal likes to relax. You may not be able to completely stop them from getting on the bed, but you can make it harder for them.
    Cover the mattress and spring with a box cover. It will not be easy to get a foothold on a plastic cover.
    Leave the case for a year. This should be long enough for any bugs trapped inside the cover to die.
    You can also buy traps that match every foot of the bed. This will stop any bedbugs from climbing the legs of the bed frame to reach you. Moving the bed a few centimeters from all objects will also get rid of other entry points that may have bugs.
  2. Guide infected sheets and clothing through the dryer
    Bed bugs can’t stand the heat. This means that you can slowly reduce their number by washing and drying clothes and bedding every week. Running them in the dryer’s high-temperature cycle should do the trick.
    You can only use the same method for washing clothes, as long as they enter the dryer and are not wet. When drying delicate clothes remember to gently dry in the dryer.
    The goal is to penetrate the fabric at a high enough temperature to kill the bedbugs. If you think you can’t do it safely, don’t do it. Call an insured specialist to provide warmth and care for your belongings during the procedure.
  3. Cover the furniture and place it outside
    Unfortunately, furniture cannot be carried out through a dry cycle. It doesn’t mean that you can’t heat things up enough to kill mistakes. Wait for the sunniest, hottest day, and drag the furniture onto the lawn.
    Cover the furniture with plastic bags. Black bags are preferred because they absorb the most heat.

Leave furniture on the lawn for at least 24 hours. Remember that this is not a sure method. If the furniture does not heat up, bed bugs will remain.

  1. Reduce their number
    You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any visible errors. However, do not use vacuuming as the only method to exterminate bed bugs. Vacuum cleaners are ineffective in the event of serious infestations.
    While you reduce their number, it is difficult to get to any crack and surface of the house with a vacuum cleaner. The reason you still want to vacuum at least once a week is because this method becomes effective when paired with others on this list.
    After completing the weekly vacuuming, throw the contents into a plastic trash bag and remove it outside.