Scams with Home Security Systems

Doorknock fraud rages during the peak summer months. These include out-of-state sellers who are trying to sell security systems and services in your area. “Security experts” go door-to-door and usually report gross claims to consumers at home. Inside your home, they mainly use pressure or scare sales tactics to get your signature.

We recommend that you see an unsolicited reseller:
Ask for identification. Every employee of a UL certified security company, approved by FM, must have an Arizona public safety license, request a visit to confirm their authenticity. There may be no such license.

Never sign on the spot. This is usually a good rule to follow, but especially when it is just as important as home and family security. Take the time to study and do your research on this matter, so when the time comes, you will be informed of the decision.

Nothing is free. Many door-to-door sellers make promises they won’t be able to make. For example, a common tactic is to guarantee a free home security system with a signed contract. However, the extremely high monthly fee associated with the system for at least 36 months has not been explained.

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Do your research. We recommend that you trust the safety of life only from a reputable, trusted alarm company, not the first to knock on your door. Take some time to review the reviews and experiences of other customers in the company before signing. They usually tell you what to expect.

Contact the authorities. These companies usually attack older homeowners who may not know anything better. By saying, you protect your neighbors who may not know better.
Nobody wants to feel cheated, cheated, or cheated. That is why it is so important to recognize these situations. Many times, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.