bathroom renovation


How long does a bathroom renovation take?

If you are planning to renovate your main bathroom, one of the most important questions will be – “how long does it take to renovate the bathroom?” Normal life goes on, especially if you have a busy family. So ask some construction companies about the timeframe. Get ready to inhale sharply! You can be without a working bathroom for up to two months. At Houseace, our experienced crews usually take 3-4 weeks, but of course, this depends on the scope and size of the project. Here is a more detailed bathroom renovation schedule.

It all adds up

Your next question will be why – this is not the case on makeover TV shows. You may have seen neat project charts that show you all the stages of a renovation that smoothly follow each other day after day. This is a reasonable starting point to help you understand the bigger picture. But the reality may not be the same.

First, there are unexpected problems to be resolved, deliveries that do not arrive on time, fittings that do not fit, and specialists that are not available on the days when they are due on site. There is also a lot of work to be done, with preparation time, dry time, and finish time to add to the center.

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How many people

Another big variable is the size of the site team. Do you employ one person to do all the work, or a team of plumbers, electricians, plasterers, tilers, floors, and painters? One person could do a simple project on their own. They can focus on your bathroom throughout the project. But they may have other jobs at the same time and then the lead times start to decrease.

If you have a larger team of specialized contractors, such as we employ in Housesaka, they can complete the renovation in less time.

Be realistic

Whichever approach you take, it’s best to be realistic and expect more time. Then you might be surprised. To help you understand what is going to happen in these weeks, here’s how a typical small bathroom renovation should go.

Bathroom renovation schedule

Down with the old one (2 days)

It all starts with a very dirty, dusty demolition of your current bathroom – removing the fixtures and placing a container in it, tiles from the wall, raising the floor, and initial cleaning. Hopefully, the demolition will not reveal any hidden structural damage due to leaks or nasty surprises such as asbestos.

Making good (2 days)

Several repairs may be carried out before starting a new job. This step can include filling holes in the wall, repairing loose or damaged floorboards, or removing wiring or pipes that are now in the wrong place.

Plumbing (2 days)

The plumber puts the water and sewage in the right places. It may take longer if bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets are moved to make better use of the space.

Electric equipment (2 days)

An electrician runs cables to suitable locations for lighting, shaving points, and power showers. This may require cutting out and making new channels in the walls, connecting and testing new wiring to existing circuits, and updating the safety switch. Any switches or other connectors are connected later. Check the electrical system before starting plastering. This may cause a delay if an inspector is not available for several days.

Plastering (2-4 days plus drying time before painting)

Before starting work, plasterers must repair any damaged surfaces. In some cases, they may install a “drywall” to hide pipes or other surface features. The first layer of plaster requires one day to dry before applying the last coat.

Painting (2-3 days)

The painter cannot start until the plaster is completely dry. This can extend the schedule for several days. The first coat of paint on the new plaster is a special watery mixture, followed by one or two coats of the final color.

Tiling (2-3 days)

The laying time depends on the number of tiles to be laid. If you only have a splash around the sink and tiles or a wall panel in the shower, it may only take a day to lay the tiles. But larger areas with difficult connections or complex patterns can take two to three days.

Installation and flooring (2-3 days)

The best part of the job for everyone involved. The plumber and electrician can now install, connect, and test all fittings – bathtub, shower, toilet, lighting, blinds, cabinets, and accessories. When everything is in place, the floor can come in. Laying vinyl flooring takes hours, but wooden floors with hard-to-cut hardware can take a day.