What home trends will inspire you

Smart home security
Smart technology has always proven successful in home security, and its usability and sophistication in this field are likely to continue to grow in 2020. Smart home security systems will offer even more remote access and monitoring features this year.

In the coming year, more and more households will be controlling alarms and door locks with their phones. Smart locks replace keys with a phone and offer one-time access codes for contractors such as cleaners. Your system will be able to identify your visitors using face and voice recognition.

Automated kitchens

How much time do you spend thinking, buying, and preparing food? What if your kitchen appliances took care of the details for you? Think of kitchen appliances that silently prepare your coffee and prepare dinner for you as you spend the day.

Smart refrigerators monitor the temperature and alert you when food goes bad. You can use them to order groceries and meals, and get recipe ideas based on what’s inside your refrigerator. Use your smartphone to turn on the oven and prepare dinner when you return home and set up appliances to report problems to the manufacturer.

Smart gardening

Your interiors benefit from smart technology, and now it’s time for your garden and lawn to catch up. One of the most exciting trends in Smart Gardening is bringing modest lawnmowers to the digital age – with robotic mowers.

Sit back and let the lawnmower do the hard work. These bots are likely to be more energy-efficient as well. The smartest robotic mowers automatically adjust engine power according to the condition of the grass, so you don’t use more energy than you need.

Gesture control

Voice commands can be convenient, but if you prefer natural and intuitive hand gestures, you can now add these controls to your smart display – your smart home control panel – and other smart tools around your home.

For example, you can configure the smart display to turn down the music when you hold your finger to your lips or when you hold your hand up to keep it quiet. There is also a practical advantage: in a noisy room, using voice commands can be difficult.

Alerts and notifications

Real-time monitoring may be an advantage to some smart home features, but what if homeowners didn’t have to initiate a check-in and constantly monitor their phones? Thanks to the latest smart home technologies, you can set alerts for almost any type of trigger event.

For example, you can receive an SMS on the phone or an audible notification throughout the house when the package is delivered. Leaking pipes, leaving garage doors open, and overheating hobs are other possible changes.


Smart home technology enables an amazing new level of responsiveness and automation in your home. Automatic temperature control, including space heating and cooling; air purification; lighting; and entertainment has been around for years.

More smart homes are likely to adopt cutting-edge technologies such as gesture control and smart security systems in the coming years. Smart homes are not a gimmick, but a real benefit for you and your family.

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